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Get help using our quick guide for moving and preparing for college. You will find a complete directory of store products and tips to help make your college move.

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College Moving Checklist

Our FREE college moving checklist can help plan your move. It lists everything you need to setup your college home ... just like mom.

It's FREE - no registration required.

Simply print the checklist, check the items you need, and then link to the tabs above to find everything to setup your move and dorm.

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Where should you begin:

  • first:[view] print the moving checklist for reference
  • second:[view] make arrangements for housing
  • third:[view] decide on your mode of transportation   
  • fourth:[view] get a laptop with required software
  • fifth:[view] buy stuff for the dorm or apartment

    And then,
  • [view] save money on supplies and textbooks
  • [view] look for back-to-school clothes
  • [view] make the move to college and more

    Our college moving center has everything you need before and while you attend school.

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Let's Talk Money

What is the cost of college: tuition - housing - food - books - supplies - transportation - computer - personals - moving?

Do you have enough money? Use this quick calculator to add up your total costs and total available aid. Then review what options you have to close the gap.

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