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moving to college

Moving to College

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Getting Ready for the Move

First Thing: Get to Know the Area

You will need food, phone hookup, and other services that may be required for the dorm or apartment. Know where to turn will be helpful once you arrive.

With the help of cell phones, online maps and tracking devices, you will be in good hands once you arrive at campus.

Utility Services

Cancel, setup and transfer your home's utility services:
find your local utility service:

Have existing services?
Find and make a switch to a better service:

Search yellow pages to locate utility providers in your area — enter city and state for:
gas companies
telephone service
television cable
garbage collection
cellular phone service

Newspaper Delivery

Directory of newspapers:

Change of Address

U.S. Post Office change of address form:
Look up your new zip+4 code:

Notify others of your change of address:


Local Media

TV Listings for your area:

Radio locator in your area — and around the world:


Community Services

Auto Mechanics/Services:
use to locate auto mechanics:

Community Library:

use to locate your public library:

Department Stores:

use to locate Department Stores:

Governmental Services:

link to state governments for state, county and city services:

Grocery Food Chains:

use to locate grocery chains in your area:

Try Online Grocers:
another listing:

Laundry Services:

use to locate laundry services in your area:

Nurseries / Gardening Centers:

use to locate nursery and gardening centers:

Post Office:

locate a post office servicing your area:
Look up your new zip+4 code:


complete listing by area / by dining type:
another listing:

Use to locate local restaurants:


locate neighborhood establishments:


Moving Center Resources

You will need to decide how you are going to move:

  • If you are moving yourself, you probably don't have much to take. Everything should fit in your car. Or if you like, you can ship many of the items to your destination if you plan to fly or take public transportation.

  • If you are moving a family, you will likely need a truck. There are truck rentals and moving services. It all depends on how much you have and what's in your budget.

We invite you to link over to your moving center for detail information:

moving center home: - Travel More. Spend Less

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